Rob Allen Cray Bag

Rob Allen Cray Net Bag is a small profile heavy duty mesh net bag. Ideal for storing catch on a float while you continue to spearfish with no waist bag. It features a drawstring closure with a rubber toggle.

Dimensions: 75 x 40cm

Rob Allen Cray Waist Bag  is a must-have for every spearo. It is made from heavy-duty mesh with canvas backing so that you are protected from your catch when its in the bag. The bag can be secured around your waist with a durable adjustable strap to keep your hands free to do what matters most.

  • Designed to be worn around the waist
  • Low profile means minimal drag
  • Secure webbing waist strap with easy release clip
  • Heavy duty canvas back
  • Mesh front for easy drainage
  • Standard bag 40cm x 40cm
  • Large bag 50cm x 50cm