Rob Allen Double Fin Shaft

The Rob Allen 7.5mm Double Finned Shaft makes an ideal replacement for your Rob Allen railgun. The advantage of using a “Finned” design shaft is two fold: Firstly it allows for faster loading of your bridle; Secondly because the shaft has not been cut into, like in notched shafts, a Finned shaft has a continuous solid spear which allows for far greater optimal strength in the spear. The thicker Rob Allen 7.5mm shafts offer some additional benefits over similar thinner shafts as well. Firstly they are obviously stronger thanks to their extra thickness which makes them ideal for those speaors wanting to hunt bigger fish. Secondly, a stronger shaft is less likely to be damaged by floundering fish and thirdly because of their extra weight they also hit their target with a lot more force which promotes a deeper penetration as well which means that your shaft is a lot less likely to bounce of the fish. The Rob Allen 7.5mm shafts feature a very sharp tri-cut tip for super penetration even through thick flesh and bone. We have found that that this shaft delivers best results when used with 2 x 16mm rubbers which makes it a real weapon! The Rob Allen 7.5mm Double Finned shaft makes for a good all round choice for larger fish and is designed for good speed and excellent penetration. Many experienced speaors these days will carry a spare shaft with them when they travel, particularly to remote locations, as you never know exactly when you may need it.

Rob Allen Gun Shaft Double Fin 7.5mm
Fin design allows for faster loading of the bridle and continuous solid spear for optimal strength
Designed to penetrate large deep bodied fish at longer range
7.5mm shaft retains much of teh kinetic energy at the edge of its range
Engineered from ultra tough oil quenched Carbon alloy spring steel tempered to 2100Mpa
Tri-cut tip ensures excellent fish penetration