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Rob Allen Drop Barb Triple Notch Shaft

Rob Allen's revolutionary drop barb system is reshaping the game fish spearfishing market. Rob has developed a system that use the strengths of accuracy, straightness and speed associated with a straight shaft spear and combined it with the increased holding power associated with Sliptip systems.

Rob takes one of his heavy hitting 8mm corrosion resistant plated spears hardened to 2100Mpa and hand tuned for straightness. The guaranteed straightness and heavy hitting tricot tip form the base of the system ensuring your shot is straight and true. 

The Drop barb system is then added to the modified shaft. This system stays flush to the spear during the shot and easily releases after the fish has been hit.  The system reduces the stress on the fish skin reducing tear outs and the dyneema line ensures a solid connection.

The 8mm shaft in shorter lengths features 2 notches and is ideal on heavy hitting short roller guns while these longer shafts feature 3 notches to work with your favourite 3 rubber bluewater speargun.

For heavy bodied fish such as marlin and XXL tuna the 8mm offers plenty of moment to ensure excellent penetration. 

Key points:

  • RA 8mm spring steel shaft
  • Corrosion resistant plating
  • Triple notch in 1.7-1.8m lengths
  • Heavy duty tricut tip
  • Reinforced stainless steel drop barb
  • HD Dyneema chord
  • Quick fit O ring retainer
  • Rob Allen famous hand straight testing.