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Rob Allen Flasher Float With Winder

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Rob Allen Flash Float With Line Winder


The Rob Allen Flasher Float with winder is perfect for hanging your flasher off of it to help attract fish. It is made from a heavy duty pvc and is polyurethane filled making it super strong. A float is a important part of your spearfishing gear, this float could prevent you from loosing your gun. This float comes with 20m of mono line that is attached to the float via a bungee, you would connect the snap clip on the other end of the mono to your gun handle. You do this as when you shoot a fish and run out of breath, you can let go of your gun, swim to the surface and catch your breath. Then find your float as it will be floating, and you will find your gun. Imagine letting go of your gun by accident and not having it connected to a float. You gun would be gone and you would never find it. The Rob Allen Flash float is a smaller float, so you would only be wanting to shoot small to medium sized fish.