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Salvimar Atlantis Knife

This spearfishing knife has been equipped with a 9.5cm blade including both a smooth straight edge and a serrated shark tooth edges so you can be ready for anything in the water. A notch on the steel handle base makes extracting your shaft from fish easier. A flexible knuckle guard protects your hand from abrasive surfaces or your catch. The sheath has been designed to be worn on the weight belt and is constructed from an impact resistant plastic. The knife can be fully disassembled for maintenance and cleaning.

Salvimar ST-Atlantis Knife Features:

  • 9.5cm stainless steel blade
  • Straight smooth edge
  • Shark tooth serrated edge
  • Shaft removal notch
  • Stainless steel handle base
  • Flexible knuckle guard
  • Impact resistant sheath
  • Sheath fixes to weightbelt.
  • Disassembly capable