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Salvimar Noah Mask

Salvimar has produced a range of reliable spearfishing and freediving masks, manufactured in Italy and designed for durability and performance. The low volume of the mask has been achieved by using an internal chassis to connect the two lenses, avoiding any contact with the nose by moving it slightly outwards forming the visible ridge between the lenses.

This low volume has a few advantages. Firstly, clearing and equalising your mask is made easy. A lower volume means that less air is required to fill the volume when equalising or clearing making each process easier and more efficient so that more energy can be focused on your dive. Furthermore, the lenses being brought closer to the eyes gives improved field of vision whilst the black silicone skirt prevents light entering your peripheral vision allowing your pupils to dilate giving a clearer view of your direct line of sight.

Equalising has been made easier, with an easy to reach with a single hand nose pocket. The soft touch matte anti-reflective silicone finished skirt with a double feathered edge and split strap assembly work in concert to provide a seal which is effective and comfortable. The mask strap can be adjusted with micrometric quick adjust push button buckles quickly and to your exact preference for the best seal. The glass lenses have been dual tempered to improve your vision and are CE approved.

All these features make for a mask which is perfect for use as a spearfishing and freediving mask you can rely on.

Salvimar Noah Mask Features:

  • Low volume for easy clearing and equalising
  • Internal chassis
  • Dual tempered glass
  • Micrometric adjustable buckles
  • Soft touch matte anti-reflective silicone
  • Double feathered edge skirting