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Supa Peg Frontier Grill

Frontier Grill Product Description

There is nothing like enjoying time with friends and family around your Frontier Firepit! What makes it even better is knowing you can quickly and easily cook up a feast using the Frontier Grill!

 This product is intended for use with the Frontier Firepit: 

Manufactured and laser cut here in Australia, the Frontier Grill is made to fit effortlessly with the Frontier Firepit. With the larger cooking surface, the Frontier Firepit is perfect for campfire and backyard cooking. Simply place the Frontier Grill on top of your firepit to create the ideal cooking surface! The laser cut design makes this grill easy to manoeuvre and clean up once the cooking is all done! The grill?s low-profile design means it can be packed away with your firepit in our Frontier Carry Bag!

 Grill dimensions: 350mm (L) x 200mm (W) x 30mm (H)