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Supa Peg Galv Steel Screw Pegs

Supa-Peg's galvanised steel screw pegs at 220mm in length are the ideal substitute for traditional pegs where the ground is too hard!

Use the 13mm socket supplied with any power drill to drive the screw into the ground effortlessly. 

Supa-Peg's refined design allows you to drive the peg into the ground without the head spinning, meaning the rope can stay attached to the peg whilst you drill! Some other brands on the market have a fixed head which spins as you drill the peg into the ground, offering a risk that people get their fingers caught in the rope/peg as it spins.


  • 13mm Hex Head 
  • Comes with a 13mm Socket
  • 220mm in Length
  • Brand: Supa-Peg