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TT Fishing Headlockz HD Value Pack

TT Fishing Headlockz HD Inshore Reef Value Pack
This selection of Headlockz HD jigheads are spot on for hitting the shallow reefs and ledges in search of snapper and other reef species.
Chosen to match up with the most effective ZMan soft plastics for reef fishing, the Headlockz HD range are made on brutally strong Mustad® hooks, giving anglers the confidence and power to turn hard-charging reef species.
Pack contains -
5 x 1/4oz 3/0
5 x 1/4oz 5/0
4 x 3/8oz 5/0
5 x 1/2oz 3/0
4 x 1/2oz 5/0

TT Lures Headlockz HD - River & Estuary Value Pack
AFTA Award Winning. A selection of brutally strong TT Lures Headlockz HD jigheads to suit anglers fishing the rivers and estuaries for species such as bream, flathead and bass. Built on quality Mustad chemically sharpened hooks, this pack features five of each of the most popular estuary sizes, packed in a quality clear plastic tackle tray. Inside you will also find a guide to which plastics suit each jighead and the species you are likely to catch on that jighead / plastic combo.
Pack contains -
5 x 1/16oz 2H
5 x 1/12oz 1H
5 x 1/8oz 1/0XH
5 x 1/6oz 2/0XH
5 x 1/4oz 3/0XH