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Supa Peg Big Foot Aluminium Support Pole

Our Big Foot Twist Lock Poles are the best on the market by far. Our twist lock mechanism gives superior locking power to any other on the market. The poles are made from Anodised Hard Structural Aluminium. These poles are strong and feature a either a U-Clip to suit square ridge rails or C-Clip to suit round spreader rails, Patented 3D cam Twist Lock and BIG FOOT end cap with unique drain holes. Made from tough Nylon-R, it creates a 32mm foot print giving the pole better stability.

  • Anodised Hard Structural Aluminium
  • BIG FOOT Nylon-R End Cap
  • Patented 3D Cam Twist Lock
  • Grip Lines
  • 22.2/25.4mm tube
  • Nylon-R U-Clip or C-Clip
  • Made in Australia