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Zman 3.5" EZ Shrimpz Rigged 2pk


The ultimate 10X Tough ElaZtech, realistic prawn / shrimp imitation, ready to fish straight out of the packet! Designed with a segmented body and thin legs and antennae for added realism and lifelike movement, the Rigged EZ ShrimpZ features a heavy-duty, weighted Mustad UltraPoint hook that fits snuggly into the moulded body cavity, ensuring it stays secure on aggressive retrieves and strike after strike. The unique segmented weight system allows you to fish the EZ ShrimpZ out of the packet at 1/4oz, or snap off segments of the weight for a lighter presentation.?Everything eats a prawn and it's hard to beat the natural fall, realism, durability and action of ZMan's EZ ShrimpZ. Fish on!