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August 20, 2017 1 min read

Another week of great winter weather provided mostly calm conditions for boating. Inshore fishing has been very tricky due minimal swell and clear water. The river is an aquarium, easy to see the fish but getting them to bite proving very difficult. I suggest dropping the leader size right back to 6lb or even 4lb. Normally I prefer a run up tide but discoloured water on the run out will see more bites from both bream and blackfish. Flathead are still fishing well for this time of year but the whiting have thinned.

Offshore there are plenty of snapper and pearl perch on all the usual reefs. It is worth getting some livies early as jewfish are likely schooling in the same areas. Now is a great time to target these fish on the beaches. Smokey is fishing well for jewfish with the preferred tide being the low and first two hours of the run up. ‘Slide baiting’ live tailor is a surefire way to hook larger fish. If you want to try this new style of fishing come see me for the advice and tackle you need.

See you in or on the water,

Cheers Mitch

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