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August 20, 2017 1 min read

Offshore and north continued to fish well but further south off hat head was hit and miss. The reefs off Grassy are reliable, 35m- 40m is a good starting depth. Anywhere from 10m-40m is holding big snapper. Wide has not been fishing as well due to an uphill current that has stuck around for a while.  There is a chance it could change by the time you read this looking at the charts. The forecast leading up to this report looks great so there will be plenty more to report on next week.

Apart from Luderick the main river is fishing better further upstream. Flathead are in good numbers as far as Smithtown. Big Jewfish are still in the mouth of the river as I found out on my last trip. Hopefully you are more prepared then I was and have the gear to stop them.

Beach and rocks continues to produce some great fish. Plenty of Tailor about now, great eating fresh and great bait. These low tides just before dark coming up will be ideal for Jew on the beaches.

Visibility is not as good as it has been but still fair in the 5-10m in close and up to 15m further offshore. See you in or on the water, cheers Mitch.

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