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Ocean Hunter X-Site Mask

The Ocean Hunter X-Site Mask is one of the lowest volume masks, making clearing and equalisation a breeze.
Often low volume masks significantly reduce vision, however, due to the shallow skirt design of the X-site mask, the lens of the mask is positioned closer to the eyes significantly improving vision over most low volume masks.

This mask is fitted with quality tempered safety glass and easy to adjust squeeze buckles, the X-Site is a mask you should definitely try!

Features of the Ocean Hunter X-Site Mask

  • Low Volume design makes for easy clearing and equalisation
  • Great vision for a low volume type mask makes it perfect for Spearfishing
  • Quality black silicone skirt eliminates refraction of light onto the lens of the mask
  • Easy to adjust squeeze buckles
  • Fitted with twin tempered glass safety lens

Available Colours

  • Black
  • Black/Purple