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Salvimar Speeder Fin

The Speeder Fin is the result of careful research into the dynamics of movement and is perfect for those seeking pure freediving performance without compromise. Designed with ergonomic rubber foot-pocket and polypropylene removable blade, this fin will ensure maximum efficiency with minimum effort. The foot pocket provides excellent comfort and mechanical adhesion to the blade, while the side rails are positioned under the sole of the foot: this improves comfort and at the same time increases the thrust with the same effort. The side rails are also equipped with internally fused side clips which guarantee excellent mechanical adhesion to the blade, and hydrodynamic turbulence to guarantee a smooth thrust. The blade is designed with variable thickness for the best propulsive force and elastic return. This fin is an ideal combination of comfort and power.

  • Ergonomic rubber foot pocket with incorporated insole and removable blade
  • Polypropylene side clips fused to the side member blade molded in polypropylene with differentiated thickness: rear portion 3.5mm thick, tip 1.8mm thick rails under the foot pocket
  • Improved coupling system between foot pocket and blade for efficient functionality
  • Soft upper foot pocket with rigid insole guarantees excellent energy transfer from the diver to the blade
  • Foot pocket shaped with variable thicknesses to obtain mechanical resistance of the material combined with lightness and rigidity
  • Molded in polypropylene blade ensures the best propulsive thrust and an excellent elastic return whilst minimising the kicking effort
  • Variable thickness blade: Heel 3.5mm, Tip 1.8 mm