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Cressi Tropical Gloves

The Cressi 2mm tropical gloves palm and finger area uses amara which is a material that becomes extraordinarily soft upon contact with the water. However, the upper part of the glove and the wrist area are made from very thin, supple neoprene which make them extremely comfortable to wear. A large area that corresponds to the upper side of the wrist allows for instant adjustment, both before and during the dive. These gloves are particularly suitable when you need the best sensitivity in touch in the fingers. The palm also offers good resistance to abrasions which is something that you want to take in to account as cuts and scratches are not fun. This glove can be worn for not only warmth, but also to protect you from scratches and scraps that you encounter when under water. If you do not feel the cold so much, you can wear these in winter also. Whether you are snorkeling or scuba diving, these gloves will suit.